Garage Consumables from Dennis McBride Sales and Marketing

Garage Consumables

At Dennis McBride Sales and Marketing we provide a range of garage consumable products that go hand in hand with our Lubricants and Greases in NI. Under our BDT brand we offer solvents, cleaners, lubricants and several paints in aerosol form, also engine and radiator products as well as a disposable range of products including latex and nitrile gloves. We are a distributor for WD-40 products including 3-In-One oil and GT85 maintence fluid aerosol.

Dennis Mcbride Sales And Marketing

Consumables from Dennis McBride Sales and Marketing

We endeavor to provide a broad range of garage and workshop consumables at great quality and value for money. Here is an example of such products:

  • Brake Cleaner
  • Synthetic Chain Lube
  • Pro-Clean 2000 
  • Fuel System Cleaner 
  • Oil System Flush 
  • Heavy Duty Radiator Stop Leak 
  • wd-40
  • Satin Black Paint
  • Blue Roll
  • bales of T-Shirt Rags
  • HD Nitrile Gloves
  • Beaded Hand Cleaners

Pro-Clean 2000, Fuel System Cleaner, Oil System Flush and Heavy Duty Stop Leak.

We have went into more detail with a few of the products from above with their own dedicated pages. The Pro-Clean 2000 is a concetrated cleaner that has limitless uses. The Fuel System Cleaner is a complete fuel system and injector cleaner and conditioner for petrol or diesel engines. The Oil System Flush is a new generation. low VOC product that removes oil sludge and prolongs the life of the new engine oil going in. The Heavy Duty Stop Leak is a fast acting and cost effective solution for sealing small holes and hairline cracks in all types of radiators.

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